Sunday, December 11, 2011

Adventures in Rat Sitting

So I'm trying to get my most recent earring order done, but there's this tiny monster who's determined to get all up in my business.  That's right guys, I'm rat sitting :)
She's just precious!

Last week, we had our first open studio.  There was so much excitement and I had business cards and wine and cheese.... and no one came.  So, it was a total bust.  I swear, there is nothing harder than trying to get a small art based business off the ground.  I feel like I'm just going to fail.  I need to find a way to get my name and product out there in the world more.

How do I get exposure!?

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Omg, Holidaypalooza!

I've been a freakishly busy little unique snowflake making a ton of things that probably won't even sell and will instead be collecting dust in my studio.
Oh well.
My holiday miniatures; let my show you them.
First up: Matzoh ball soup.  Delicious little matzoh nuggets floating in broth and surrounding by carrots and celery and mmmmm I'm so making this for lunch.  Made the bowls myself (please note how the colour blended on the rim.  Thanks, stupid bottle cap).
Someday, I'll find tiny spoons.

 Next up on my Chanukkah table are Latkahs.  OH. EM. GEE.  I wait all year round for these succulent little pancakes to grace my presence.  I made sure there was some sour creme to go with them.  That's the only true way to eat them, unless you're smothering them with apple sauce. Om nom nommmmmm.

So that's about the limit of my Chanukkah creativity right now.  I'll eventually bust out some dreidls, but by the time I was done with these, I'd have enough run ins with my exact knife and I had been burned by the over for the umpteenth time.
So Christmas was, naturally, my next option.

What better way to begin my holiday endeavours than by making more of the things that enraged me so much last week?? That's right.  You can bet your freshly darned socks that I made bigger and better Gingerbread houses. I am totally legit like that.
This time I decided that 1:12 scale was probably a more intelligent choice than 1:24 or 1:48.  I have no idea which one I pulled off last week, and I really don't care enough.  They were too small.  I know that.  So this time I went for a three finger length and it gave me a lot more space to work with.  I made cute little peppermint pinwheels, tiny candy canes, sprinkles, frosting... you name it.

 Awwww..... so precious.
                                                                 The stupid little ones --->
 Oh my, tiny pies!  Pecan!  One of my favourites.  Those little pecans were a pain in the rear to make.
The pumpkin was a lot easier. The shading was the hardest part.
The figgy puddings are super cute.  I love the way that the holly decoration came out.  The earrings came out adorable too but I failed to take any pictures, of course. 
And I lied, I did make another Chanukkah item.  Matzoh bread :3



Saturday, November 19, 2011

Open studio and "holy crap how have I not put my Chanuchristmakus stuff up yet?"

Yes.  You read that right.  As a half Jew/half Catholic hot mess, I have made my OWN damn holiday season.  Chanuchristmakus.  Eat your heart out, Hallmark.
Fun fact: Daniel Radcliffe is screwed the exact. same. way.  He should probably do this holiday with me. Just saying. It's celebrated by reading a bunch of books, drinking butter beer and making a ton of cookies and pie and other stuff.  Presents are optional.

Anyway, my dad and I will be opening our studio to the public during the first weekend of December, which means that I need to get my rear in gear, and make a bunch of stuff, as well as displays.  In order to do this effectively, I need to put my reading list aside and actually write my last two papers and, you know, sculpt and glue things and what not.  Problem is, is that I really want to read the Woman in Black, now that I've finished the Hunger Game trilogy (which was fan-fuggin-tastic). I'm also really distracted in designing my literary half sleeve that I plan on getting after my wedding.

Speaking of:
Got the lollipops.  They are more than I ever could have hoped, oh my goodness, they are soooo delicious. Thank you, Vintage Confections!  Our flavours were Caramel Apple, Candy Corn, Pumpkin Cheesecake, Champagne, and Apple Cinnamon.  There was also Salted Caramel, but I inhaled it. Got to their etsy site at : for some seriously amazing treats! 

Since the gingerbread houses of intense rage, I've been fiddling around with making latkahs and tiny apple sauces.  Hopefully the jars I ordered will come soon so I can finish those up in time for the weekend.  I'm also working on a bunch of christmas tinies, such as figgy puddings, fruit cakes (ew), and other treats.  I had made some really cute gingerbread men, but apparently they really pissed off my velociraptor parrot, because she bit the head off one.
Anyway, hopefully there will be another post either today, or tomorrow with some uploads of all of my pretty new things that I made!

PS: you're not allowed to enter (since I wanna win) but here's Snowfern's giveaway!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Christmas things!!

So I finally stopped whining and just sat down and worked on some holiday stuff.  I'm nowhere near done, and I still have a custom order to fill and ship... but I got 3 out of like...15 things done.  I have 2 days left to meet my goal of finishing everything on time and getting it up in the etsy shop.  I want to hurry so I can maybe get a showcase spot.

5 hours and 20 or so attempted patterns later, I'm totally a holiday beast.  Look at these gingerbread houses.  Look at the size.  Note, that I could serve one on a penny if I wanted to.  Move over Santa, I'm winning and you're losing.

 Some epically amazing pies.  Please note that for the apple pie, I painstakingly created teeny tiny apple slices and then, because I'm a genius, I put the top on.  Amazing craftsmanship right?

This lattice pie work was a beast to perfect let me tell you.

Teensy Vanil Kipferln.  Delicious Austrian christmas cookies.  A personal favourite :)

Get ready for some boss latkas and gumdrops and other epic stuff :)

Saturday, November 5, 2011

I'm totally stalling on miniatures

because I'm just waaaaay too tired tonight.  Given I did cut up the pieces for a gingerbread house and peppermint sticks, so I guess that's technically winning.  

Wedding wise, the birdhouses are happening and whatnot and I'm super duper excited because I ordered lollipops from etsy's own VintageConfection shop in various flavours.  Been waiting about a month and I'm getting antsy to eat them like the fatty I am.  Hopefully, they're perfect for the candy bar.  I want so badly for them to be delicious.  I mean, come on, it's pumpkin cheesecake flavor.

Anywho, I'll continue working on the christmas and hanukkah deedlybops and post them hopefully tomorrow or monday.  Till then though, eff that I'm sleeping.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Saturday, October 8, 2011

School is ruining my life...

but I did learn that nerd boxes make freaking AH-MA-HAY-ZING miniature pastry boxes.  Seriously, if you know me IRL, you're new job is to collect these stupid things over Halloween. This is not an option.

However, school seems very very very very VERY determined to keep me from my studio, and a certain painting teacher at SFSU, whom I will not name, because who knows if he googles himself (weirdo), is hell bent on making me hate painting forever with stupid projects.  

Tomorrow, much to his dismay, will be the beginning, and possible epic failure/meltdown, of my artistic career in educations.  I'm doing private painting lessons.

Relax.  It's colour work.

But lessons mean that I'm back in the studio.  Being back in the studio means that it's time for some miniatures! WOOHOO!  Also, being back in there means that I can work on my cute wedding birdhouses, which I'll post on here.  Mine are really cool (TARDIS, hogwarts houses...) but the fiancĂ© was all up in the "wedding colours" nonsense and I was like, no.

But you know what?  I made potions!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Reading the Signs

I love when ASL is in TV shows.  I have so much freaking fun understanding and then totally not understanding and being like "wait...what?".  And that is what was happening while I was making an Etsy order this evening.  These stupid earrings are going to be the death of me, I swear.  On top of it, I've got this stupid cold that was all "HEY IM ALLERGIES" and now it's all "JK IM A COLD GOOD LUCK".  It's such a jerk.  Anyway, earrings.

I'm making replicas of Luna's Dirigible Plum earrings from the Harry Potter movies and selling them for Halloween.  I'm getting a good amount of orders; not as many as I'd like, but business is starting to pick up.  I hope eventually it soars like a majestic eagle over a candy corn mountain that is snowing bunnies and joy, but let's not get ahead of ourselves.  I'm not sure how else to advertise and get my name and product out there.  Frustrating at times.  

See? Earrings.

Yeah.  I don't know where to go from here.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Business as usual down in Diagon Alley


Ahem.  Anyway, my swagger makes the Slytherin Quiddich team slink along with jealousy.  1:12 scale.  BAM.

Sirius Business

see above; it'll explain a lot

Hey there Internet.  So we've always been kinda casual and sort of involved, but I think it's time we take it to the next level.  I'm not talking Livejournal right now, Internet.  I'm talking regurgitating my daily happenings all over your... what would you call that aspect of abstract form? "Pages"?  You don't exactly possess a physical form.  Don't give me that look; you know I'm right.

Anyway, make sure to come here and check it out for epic stories of wedding planning, art studentry, and me trying to get my little business to take off on the back of a Firebolt Broom stick.

There will also probably be an epic post about a Harry Potter party; and some serious crushing on Daniel Radcliffe.