Monday, November 7, 2011

Christmas things!!

So I finally stopped whining and just sat down and worked on some holiday stuff.  I'm nowhere near done, and I still have a custom order to fill and ship... but I got 3 out of like...15 things done.  I have 2 days left to meet my goal of finishing everything on time and getting it up in the etsy shop.  I want to hurry so I can maybe get a showcase spot.

5 hours and 20 or so attempted patterns later, I'm totally a holiday beast.  Look at these gingerbread houses.  Look at the size.  Note, that I could serve one on a penny if I wanted to.  Move over Santa, I'm winning and you're losing.

 Some epically amazing pies.  Please note that for the apple pie, I painstakingly created teeny tiny apple slices and then, because I'm a genius, I put the top on.  Amazing craftsmanship right?

This lattice pie work was a beast to perfect let me tell you.

Teensy Vanil Kipferln.  Delicious Austrian christmas cookies.  A personal favourite :)

Get ready for some boss latkas and gumdrops and other epic stuff :)

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