Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Omg, Holidaypalooza!

I've been a freakishly busy little unique snowflake making a ton of things that probably won't even sell and will instead be collecting dust in my studio.
Oh well.
My holiday miniatures; let my show you them.
First up: Matzoh ball soup.  Delicious little matzoh nuggets floating in broth and surrounding by carrots and celery and mmmmm I'm so making this for lunch.  Made the bowls myself (please note how the colour blended on the rim.  Thanks, stupid bottle cap).
Someday, I'll find tiny spoons.

 Next up on my Chanukkah table are Latkahs.  OH. EM. GEE.  I wait all year round for these succulent little pancakes to grace my presence.  I made sure there was some sour creme to go with them.  That's the only true way to eat them, unless you're smothering them with apple sauce. Om nom nommmmmm.

So that's about the limit of my Chanukkah creativity right now.  I'll eventually bust out some dreidls, but by the time I was done with these, I'd have enough run ins with my exact knife and I had been burned by the over for the umpteenth time.
So Christmas was, naturally, my next option.

What better way to begin my holiday endeavours than by making more of the things that enraged me so much last week?? That's right.  You can bet your freshly darned socks that I made bigger and better Gingerbread houses. I am totally legit like that.
This time I decided that 1:12 scale was probably a more intelligent choice than 1:24 or 1:48.  I have no idea which one I pulled off last week, and I really don't care enough.  They were too small.  I know that.  So this time I went for a three finger length and it gave me a lot more space to work with.  I made cute little peppermint pinwheels, tiny candy canes, sprinkles, frosting... you name it.

 Awwww..... so precious.
                                                                 The stupid little ones --->
 Oh my, tiny pies!  Pecan!  One of my favourites.  Those little pecans were a pain in the rear to make.
The pumpkin was a lot easier. The shading was the hardest part.
The figgy puddings are super cute.  I love the way that the holly decoration came out.  The earrings came out adorable too but I failed to take any pictures, of course. 
And I lied, I did make another Chanukkah item.  Matzoh bread :3




  1. Has hecho unos fantasticos trabajos.
    besitos ascension

  2. Muchas gracias, Ascension!
    Felices Fiestividades!