Saturday, October 8, 2011

School is ruining my life...

but I did learn that nerd boxes make freaking AH-MA-HAY-ZING miniature pastry boxes.  Seriously, if you know me IRL, you're new job is to collect these stupid things over Halloween. This is not an option.

However, school seems very very very very VERY determined to keep me from my studio, and a certain painting teacher at SFSU, whom I will not name, because who knows if he googles himself (weirdo), is hell bent on making me hate painting forever with stupid projects.  

Tomorrow, much to his dismay, will be the beginning, and possible epic failure/meltdown, of my artistic career in educations.  I'm doing private painting lessons.

Relax.  It's colour work.

But lessons mean that I'm back in the studio.  Being back in the studio means that it's time for some miniatures! WOOHOO!  Also, being back in there means that I can work on my cute wedding birdhouses, which I'll post on here.  Mine are really cool (TARDIS, hogwarts houses...) but the fianc√© was all up in the "wedding colours" nonsense and I was like, no.

But you know what?  I made potions!!

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