Saturday, January 7, 2012

Post Holiday wind-down

Oh. my. goodness.

Now that all that is over!  It's time to move on to.... Valentine's Day! That's right, more holidays! It's like they never end. Ever.

So I'll be busting out the conversation hearts, the heart cookies, the heart shaped piles of vomit.... you know, festive stuff.  I'm excited, really, I'm just tired.

The bachelor degrees (yes, that is a plural) are finished, fertig, finito and I couldn't be happier.  I'm going to make earrings for my german advisor, because she's amazing even if she pushed my ass to the limits of my german capabilities.  Frau Vandergriff is a beast; a good beast.  Not sure if she'll be getting Berliners, from the famous Kennedy quote, or something else.  Berliners, are not, in that context, people of Berlin.  They're doughnuts.
Ich bin Berliner - I am a person of Berlin.
Ich bin ein Berliner - I am a super delicious doughnut.


Anyway, I'll be uploading things as I start to complete them.  Some should be up sometime this week!  If not, next week when I'm back from my travels.

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